A Guide on COVID-19 Compliance Officer Training

There is no denying that the pandemic has drastically changed a lot of things including how companies run their day-to-day operations.

Last year, before the Government eased restrictions following the lockdown, it released a Return to Work Safely Protocol that organisations need to comply with.

The guideline is geared towards minimising the risk of the dreaded virus spreading in the workplace. It shows the changes organisations need to make to comply with the HSE’s COVID-19 public health protection measures.

In the Protocol, companies are required to have a designated COVID-19 compliance officer. It is also the organisation’s duty to ensure that the appointed employee gets the training needed to be able to effectively perform his duty.

What Does a COVID-19 Compliance Officer Do?

To understand what a COVID-19 compliance officer training is about, you have to know first what a compliance officer does.

Basically, the employee taking on this role is responsible for ensuring that the company and its employees do their part in mitigating the spread of the coronavirus.

The compliance officer takes part in designing a plan to reduce the risk of infection in the workplace. This includes making adjustments or changes in the company’s processes and procedures to fully comply with COVID-19 public health protection requirements.

More importantly, the compliance personnel is responsible for implementing the plan and monitoring the adherence to the control measures. The officer also takes the lead in managing situations of possible COVID-19 infection involving an employee.

What Is a COVID-19 Compliance Officer Training?

It is a programme designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure that their companies adhere to COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

After completing the course, the participants should be fully aware of what a compliance officer does, including the importance of the role and the responsibilities associated with it. They should have a thorough understanding of COVID-19 – its symptoms, how it is transmitted and how it can be prevented from spreading.

The course also teaches participants how to identify high-risk areas and activities in the workplace and what measures can be put in place to reduce the chance of employees contracting the virus. Furthermore, it teaches would-be compliance officers the steps that should be taken when someone in the workplace exhibits symptoms or tests positive.

How to Choose a COVID-19 Compliance Officer Training Course in Ireland

You should not have a hard time finding a provider of this course in Ireland as many training companies are offering it. It should be noted, however, that not all these providers offer high-quality training. Hence, you must carefully choose the programme that your designated compliance officer should take.

Pick a course that is offered by a reputable health and safety training company. With a trusted provider, you can be certain that they have a programme that is well designed and created by experts.

For example, iSafe – Ireland’s top health & safety training provider – offer a COVID-19 compliance officer training course that incorporates the Government’s Return to Work Safely Protocol as well as HSE & HSA guidelines. The course was also designed by consultants who were part of the panel to advise the Government on the Return to Work Safely Protocol.

With a top-notch course like iSafe’s, you are guaranteed that your employee acquires the competencies needed to reduce the risk of infection in your workplace and keep your employees safe.

It is not enough though that you pick a well-designed programme. You also need to ensure that the course is taught by an expert trainer with relevant industry experience. How good the trainer is has an impact on how much the participants will learn from the programme.

Many of the information you need to determine the quality of the training course are found online. In fact, some training companies post pertinent details on their website. But do not just simply rely on the information you get on their site. Try to read reviews from previous participants to ascertain the quality of the programme and the service offered by the company.

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