Facts About Forklift Training Courses in Ireland

A significant percentage of workplace accidents in Ireland is due to vehicles, specifically those used to lift items. Forklifts, in particular, are considered very dangerous as they have caused numerous incidents that resulted in serious injuries and unfortunate deaths.

The thing is that many underestimate the potential of these lifting trucks to cause harm. In fact, several companies still do not comply with legislation requiring them to mitigate safety risks associated with forklift use in their workplace. For one, some are not diligent in ensuring that their employees complete forklift training courses.

Please do not commit the same mistake if you truly want to keep your employees safe, avoid costly fines and expensive legal battles.

Case in point:

Earlier this year, a company was ordered to pay over €40,000 for failing to conduct a risk assessment and implement safety measures following a forklift accident that resulted in the death of their employee three years ago.

Stories such as the one mentioned above are clear reminders for companies to never neglect their safety obligations. If you use forklifts in your workplace, then you have to ensure that you adhere to the Government’s safety requirements. One of these is to enrol your workers in forklift training courses.

Who Should Take Forklift Training Courses in Ireland?

It is mandatory for workers who operate forklifts to undergo training. As mentioned earlier, this specific vehicle can be a safety hazard, particularly when it is not handled properly. They can cause accidents that cost time, money and even lives.

Forklift training courses are designed to minimise the dangers these trucks pose. They equip students with the competencies needed to safely operate these vehicles as stated in Ireland’s health and safety legislation.

What Forklift Training Courses Are There?

Different types of forklift training courses are offered in Ireland – each one designed according to the skill level of the intended students.

Beginner Forklift Training Courses are for novices who need to operate these lifting trucks as part of their daily duties. In this program, these new and inexperienced drivers learn about the basic skills needed to properly and safely operate the most common types of forklifts.

Intermediate Forklift Training Courses are for experienced operators who want to earn a formal certification.

Refresher Forklift Training Courses are recommended for workers who want to brush up on their knowledge and skills in operating these trucks. It is also for those who want to be recertified. In case you didn’t know, the certifications are typically valid for three years.

What to Expect from Forklift Training Courses in Ireland

Programs offered by reputable training providers meet the standards set by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA). The specific objectives vary for each course, but all of them have one goal – ensure that forklifts are operated properly to reduce workplace accidents.

Aside from correct driving techniques, participants are also going to learn about safely loading and unloading items. Moreover, they are taught the right way of refuelling or recharging as there have been incidents of workers getting injured from fires or explosions while doing this task.

The course also tackles the legislations on health and safety in the workplace, including those concerning the use of forklifts. More importantly, it teaches them how to inspect the vehicle and assess situations to identify potential hazards early on.

At the end of the course, participants need to take a written and practical test. After passing the assessment, they would receive their certificate which is usually valid for three years.

The course duration varies per provider but typically ranges around one to two days. A qualified instructor, usually one with extensive experience in operating forklifts, teaches the class. Hence, you can be certain that your workers are going to learn from the best.

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