Covid 19 Compliance Officer Training

It is expected that COVID 19 (C-19) compliance officers are going to become commonplace in workplaces when businesses in Ireland start reopening after the lockdown.

In the Government’s newly released Return to Work Safely Protocol, companies and organisations are required to appoint a lead worker representative who is going to be responsible in ensuring that COVID-19-related protocols are observed in the workplace. Representative bodies for various industries, like the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), have included the same requirement in their guides. 

This new role was created to ensure that COVID 19 public health requirements are incorporated in the standard operating procedures (SOPs) of businesses in Ireland. The goal is to protect the health of the workers, minimising their risk of contracting and spreading the infection in the workplace.

As per the Government protocol, the person undertaking this role must receive proper training to ensure that he/she performs the role well.

iSafe offers a COVID 19 Compliance Officer Awareness Training Course that is industry-specific. It is well-designed, integrating the recommendations from the Government’s Return to Work Safely Protocol, HSE & HSA as well as the best practices from the NSAI and the representative body of the sector where the business belongs.

After completing our virtual course, the participant should have the competencies needed to prevent and control the spread of the coronavirus in his/her workplace as well as protect his/her fellow employees from getting infected.

C-19 Compliance Officer Training

This online course is for all persons given the task of monitoring compliance with the COVID-19 control measures in any workplace.

At the end of the course, the participants should:

  • Know the symptoms of COVID-19, how it spreads and the route of entry into the body
  • Know the legal duties of employers and employees
  • Identify the high-risk areas/activities in your own workplace and what measures are needed to reduce the risk
  • Understand the duties of the COVID-19 Compliance Officer/Responsible Person
  • Understand what steps should be taken in the event someone presents with symptoms or there’s a confirmed case in the workplace.

We accept up to 20 participants per class.

2 Hours delivered via Virtual Classroom (Zoom)

All participants need to take an exam with 13 questions. A 70% pass mark is required to get a certificate.

After successfully completing this training course and passing the assessments, the participants are going to receive an iSafe C-19 Compliance Officer Training Certificate which is valid for 3 years.

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