Why Is Health and Safety Training Important in the Workplace?

Behind every successful company are committed, driven and satisfied employees performing their respective jobs well. Some think that excellent worker performance is mainly due to the individual’s capabilities. But the truth is that employers or organisations also play an integral role in improving the productivity of their employees.

For one, they can create a safety culture in their workplace as employees tend to be more productive when they do not have to worry about getting injured or sick. One way to do so is by making health and safety training in the workplace a priority.

As an employer, you may think that this is one of those expenses you can skip or put at the bottom of your to-do list. But the thing is that giving your employees health and safety training is necessary and beneficial for your company.

Health and Safety Training Is a Legal Requirement

Ensuring that your employees take the needed health and safety training is about keeping your company compliant with the law.

In Ireland, the Health and Safety Authority requires certain organisations to ensure that their employees take health and safety training such as first aid and manual handling training. Failure to provide the needed training can result in sanctions such as hefty fines and even business closure.

Health and Safety Training Minimises Injuries & Deaths

The primary reason why the government requires some employees to take health and safety courses is to keep them safe.

The training should equip them with a thorough understanding of the risks associated with their work. More importantly, it lets them mitigate or even eliminate these risks by teaching them how to do their jobs safely. This may include adhering to industry-specific safety practices as well as using safety equipment.

By applying the things they learned in training, your employees can avoid injurious and even fatal accidents at work.

Health and Safety Training Helps Companies Save

You are definitely going to spend when you enrol your employees in health and safety courses. But the amount that goes into training your workers is nothing compared to how much you will be saving later on.

For one, you minimise or avoid paying for compensation claims for employees suffering accidents at work. These pay-outs can be expensive, possibly amounting to hundreds of thousands of euros.

Health and Safety Training Minimises Absenteeism and Turnover

A safe working environment reduces absenteeism due to work-related accidents and illnesses. You lose money when workers do not show up to work, especially when it is not planned.

It is not as highlighted or talked about as turnover, but absenteeism dramatically affects productivity and, consequently, your bottom line.

Similarly, you waste a lot of money when your employees keep leaving as you have to spend on the training of new hires.

Keeping your absenteeism and turnover rate low can help your company save and avoid losing money. Moreover, it enables you to devote your resources to other important things such as upskilling and maintaining your current workforce.

Health and Safety Training Improve Workforce Performance

The competence gained from the training can make employees feel more confident in their ability to meet the demands of their jobs while ensuring safety throughout the whole process. Without the worry of getting into an accident, they can focus on accomplishing their deliverables which is good for your company.

Additionally, giving them the needed training sends them the message that you prioritise their safety. It can make them feel valued and even boost their morale.

When employees feel appreciated, they can be more motivated in accomplishing their tasks and achieving the company’s goals. Simply put, they become more productive which results in better financial gain for employers like you.

Health and Safety Training – Essential in Creating a Safety Culture

Ultimately, letting employees take health and safety courses relevant to the work they do is imperative if you want to build a safety culture in your organisation.

As these training programs teach the importance of minimising hazards in the workplace, employees who finish them become safety advocates themselves. They are empowered by the knowledge that by safely doing their jobs, they do not just protect themselves but also their colleagues.

In summary, providing proper and continuous safety training to your employees improves your workforce productivity, makes your workplace safer, enhances your company image and prevents financial losses. Simply put, it keeps your business profitable and competitive.

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