Why Giving Basic First Aid Training to Employees Matters

Most employers ensure that their workers are equipped with what they need to be able to do their job. They see to it that they are given training and tools essential in meeting their KPIs. What some organisations fail to do though is to make sure that their people are equipped to give first aid to their colleague when the need arises.

Illnesses and accidents may happen anytime in the workplace. This is why it is important for employees to get basic first aid training.

Basic First Aid Training: What Is It About?

It is a course designed to equip employees with the knowledge and practical skills needed to provide first aid treatment to an injured or ill person in the workplace.

In this program, they learn about the basic principles of first aid, roles and functions of first aiders and the legislations about first aid at work in Ireland.

They also get trained in providing treatment to injuries that do not require the attention of a nurse or medical practitioner like minor cuts. They are taught how to assess emergency situations as well as prevent the patient’s condition from worsening.

Simply, this course enables employees to render the help needed to preserve the life of an injured or ill colleague. It is the perfect program if you want your employees to have basic first aid knowledge and skills.

It should be noted though that this course is different from a first aid responder (FAR) course. The latter is the required program for designated first aiders of companies.

Occupational first aiders are basically the point persons when situations requiring first aid treatment arise in the workplace. They take charge of the injured or ill employee until medical assistance arrives.

As per the Health and Safety Authority’s Guidelines on First Aid at Places of Work, occupational first aiders need to complete a PHECC FAR training course. This extensive program runs for at least three days, involving no less than 18 contact hours.

Importance of Enrolling Employees in a Basic First Aid Training Course

Admittedly, companies are only legally obligated to give first aid training to their occupational first aiders. But it is in your best interest to ensure that most of your employees get at least basic first aid training.

As mentioned earlier, employees can get injured or become ill at work anytime, even when your designated first aid responder isn’t around. This shouldn’t be a problem if you have several qualified occupational first aiders. But if you only have one and he isn’t around, your only recourse is to tap an employee who’s at the worksite to take charge. The thing is that your chosen worker can only provide limited help if he hasn’t taken any basic first aid course.

According to the HSA, what an employee without basic life-saving training is allowed to do is to get the needed assistance immediately and see to it that no other incidents that can worsen the condition of the injured or ill person would happen.

Since he is not trained, he cannot administer first aid. This means that the patient needs to wait until a trained medical professional arrives. Not getting immediate treatment can put the injured or ill individual in a precarious situation. The problem could escalate, resulting in complications or even the loss of life.

Simply put, enrolling your employees in a basic first aid training course can save lives. It can also significantly reduce incidents of accidents and injuries as the program makes employees more conscious about safety.

Moreover, it can increase workers’ confidence in the safety of the workplace. Knowing that there are several people trained to provide first aid can make employees feel safer. This is great for your business as reports say that productivity improves when employees feel safe at work.

In conclusion, giving your employees basic first aid training may cost a lot, but it’s worth spending on with all the benefits it offers. It won’t just make your company safer and more productive but also enable you to potentially save lives.

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