Why MEWP Training Is Important

Anyone working at a height knows what mobile elevated work platforms, or MEWPs, are. These aerial work platforms consist of different machines such as vertical lifts, boom lifts, and scissor lifts. 

In the past, workers used ladders to reach challenging places. However, now, MEWPs have provided an excellent and innovative solution to working safely at a height. Numerous different industries require the use of MEWPs, such as the construction industry and the electrical industry. 

Given how dangerous working at a height could be, people need to receive adequate mobile elevated work platform training. If not trained properly, the use of MEWPs can lead to various accidents, such as falling and collisions. 

Safe Work Practices

Use of MEWPs must be in line with health and safety employment acts within your region. Both employers and employees must ensure that adequate MEWP training has taken place, according to the law. 

Since MEWPs are used across various industries, you may be able to find industry-specific guidelines for the use of MEWPs. However, if this isn’t the case, you’ll also be able to dig up the best practice guidelines for mobile elevating work platforms that can be used across industries. 

The Importance of MEWP Training 

Mobile elevated work platform training can provide your business with many benefits, other than the obvious safety of workers. Here’s how you can benefit from MEWP training: 

1. Increased Worker Morale

With thorough mobile elevated work platform training, workers know that their safety is being taken care of. The skills they pick up during the training can also empower them and make them feel more capable of operating MEWPs safely. All of this works towards increasing their morale and motivating them to work better. 

2. Better Profits

This may seem counterintuitive since MEWP training is an added cost, but in the long run, it actually saves you money! How so? MEWP training leads to fewer accidents occurring in the workplace, which means less money is spent on treating injuries or fixing damaged machines.

3. No Machine Damage

An overlooked consequence of MEWP accidents is the resulting machine damage. An accident on a MEWP can cause harm to expensive on-site equipment. Your company may have to spend a significant amount of money repairing or replacing MEWPs. With the right training, this damage can be avoided. 

MEWP Training 

So, how does one get MEWP training? With one quick Google search, you’ll be able to find plenty of mobile elevated work platform training programs online. However, with something as serious as this, you want to find a well-reputed and trustworthy company. 

Our company, iSafe, is an excellent option to consider for your next MEWP training. Our program caters to all MEWPs and teaches safe procedures to follow and legal provisions that govern the use of MEWPs. 

With iSafe’s HSA-compliant MEWP training, you get a three-year certification applicable to mobile elevated work platforms. So, what are you waiting for? Register for your MEWP training today! You can call us at +35385 124 5555 or +35342 941 9900 or click here.