Mobile Elevated Work Platform Training

Mobile Elevated Work Platform Training

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) are essential in accessing hard to reach places. They have become the preferred choice over ladders and scaffoldings due to their safety and mobility. 

While MEWP may be safer as compared to ladders and scaffoldings, using them still comes with risks. To be more precise, workers using MEWPs, especially those without proper training, can get into an accident.

MEWP-related accidents include: falling, getting trapped in between the basket and a fixed structure, overturning and collision with structures, cars or overhead cables. 

It is imperative that employees who use MEWPs are properly trained so that the risks involved in operating them are managed and minimised. 

iSafe, Ireland’s leading health and safety training provider, offers an MEWP course that is fully compliant with the Guidance on Safe Operating Procedures for MEWPs released in 2017 by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) of Ireland.

This MEWP course covers a selection of scissor-lift, cherry picker and telescopic boom training as per client requirements.

Mobile Elevated Work Platform Training

This course is for all workers whose work involves the use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms such as scissor lift, cherry pickers and telescopic booms to name but a few.

At the end of the course, the participants should:


    • Know the legal provisions governing Mobile Elevated Work Platforms
    • Be able to safely and properly operate an MEWP
    • Know and understand the risks of operating an MEWP
    • Be able to conduct proper inspection of the MEWP
    • Be able to work safely and correctly while on the platform at height
    • Understand fully the procedures for the emergency lowering of the MEWP in the event of an accident
    • Know and be able to operate the different types of MEWPs



We accept up to 6 participants per class.

The duration of the course depends on the number of machines and the experience of the attendees

All participants need to take a written and a practical test at the end of the course.

All participants who pass the assessments are going to receive an iSafe Certificate on Mobile Elevated Work Platforms which is valid for 3 years.

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