First Aid Course in Ireland – How to Choose the Best One

Every workplace in Ireland needs to have a first aider available all the time as stipulated in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. A first aider is a person qualified and certified to do first aid in an emergency. This is a requirement you cannot neglect.


As an employer, it is your duty to keep your employees safe. Failure to comply with health and safety requirements can lead to hefty fines and even tarnish your brand.

Clearly, it is imperative that you have people who are certified to provide first aid. The number of first aiders at your workplace largely depends on the size the of your company.

Finding a first aid course your employees can take should not be difficult as there are a number of training centres that offer it. But choosing the programme your employees would be enrolling in can be challenging with the numerous options available.

So, we’ve put together a guide below to help you pick the best first aid course for your company.

Check the Accreditation of First Aid Course Provider

Find out if the training provider is recognised by the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland (HSA).

When the trainer is accredited, you can be certain that its course adheres to the standards set by the organisation. Hence, your employees are truly going to get the knowledge and training they need to perform their duties as first aiders.

The endorsement or ‘seal of approval’ from the HSA and other governing bodies also serves as a guarantee that the trainer is legitimate. This means that the students are going to receive certificates that are valid for 2 years upon completing the course.

Know the Type of First Aid Course Offered

Of course, your chosen provider should have the kind of course your employees need. Unbeknownst to many, there are different kinds of first aid programmes – Basic First Aid, PHECC First Aid Responder and PHECC Cardiac Response.

The Basic First Aid course is for those who want to be qualified and certified to administer first aid. As the course title suggests, it teaches participants the basics of providing first aid treatment.

The PHECC First Aid Responder (FAR) course is the programme that the HSA requires employees to take to be qualified to provide occupational first aid (OFA). This replaced the old QQI Occupation First Aid (QQI OFA) Course effective June 2018.

Apart from learning the basics of first aid, the PHECC First Aid Responder course teaches participants the importance of their role as the first aid responders in their workplace. It also discusses what they are responsible for as a first aid responder. It trains them on how to assess and handle ill or injured employees in the workplace.

As compared to the Basic First Aid course, the PHECC FAR programme is more in-depth – tackling various topics and developing several skills. The entire course takes 18 teaching contact hours, the minimum time required by the PHECC.

The PHECC Cardiac First Response (CFR) course is specially designed for those who want to be equipped to handle situations involving cardiac arrest.

This is important as cardiac arrest is one of the top causes of death worldwide. It can also happen anywhere, including the workplace.

This course is meant to provide participants with a special set of knowledge and skills – the kind needed to help someone suffering from cardiac arrest.  This includes administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and using an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Check Out the Training Centre’s Reputation

Aside from offering high-quality courses, it is important for your chosen training centre to have a good reputation. It should have trainers who have the needed credentials and are equipped to train participants effectively. The company should also be known for providing excellent service.

You can gather information using the traditional method – asking people you know for feedback.

Another option is to search for reviews online which is what a lot of people do these days. All you need is to visit online business directories and fora to view the feedback from previous students.

Keep in mind, choosing the best first aid course matters. You are not enrolling your employees in this course just to comply with government requirements. You want them to learn everything that is needed for them to be able to help out their fellow employees in case of an accident or medical emergency. Simply put, you want them to save lives.

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