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mental health awareness

General Overview

This Mental Health Awareness Training raises awareness of ill-mental health (particularly stress, depression and anxiety), provides tools and guidance for daily wellbeing-management, and aims to remove the stigma surrounding mental health. It’s the only course of its kind to achieve an IOSH Approval and also won the THS Health & Safety Award in 2020!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to take positive steps to remove stigma surrounding mental ill-health
  • Understand different mental illnesses, how to recognise changes in behaviour and what to keep an eye on
  • Learn how happier staff make better, more productive staff and what you can to support others

Course Outline

Section 1. Mental Health Awareness

  • This section introduces mental health and raises awareness about removing stigma, the importance of mental health training, the common triggers of poor mental health, and it provides an insight into the influence of negative thought patterns.

Section 2. Mental Health Problems

  • Section two talks about poor mental health and how to manage it – particularly loneliness, stress, anxiety and depression. It looks at changes in behaviour and what to keep an eye on, and it has additional resources that provide an overview of other mental illnesses, such phobias, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, eating disorders and panic attacks – to name a few.

Section 3. Wellbeing Toolkit

  • This section is your wellbeing toolkit that can be used to manage day-to-day mental health. It offers a variety of insights, mini exercises, practical strategies, recommendations and some food for thought so you can use what suits you. It also explains the importance of creating a Wellbeing Action Plan at work.

Section 4. External help

  • This short final section is a hub for external mental health management. It offers you many starting points for improving mental health, or simply to maintain good mental health. It provides information on books, magazines, websites, apps, helplines and the different types of counselling and therapy that are out there – and how you can get started.


Course Duration is approx. 50 mins

Examination is a 10 question multiple choice test

iSafe Consulting Certificate awarded to participants upon successful completion of the course

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