C-19 Safety Statement

Safety Statement - Covid 19 Update

All employers are required to prepare a Safety Statement, according to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

What Is a Safety Statement?

A Safety Statement is a written action plan that is created to ensure the safety and health of employees as they do their work. It is also for the protection of other people like customers who visit the work or business premises.

This document details the control measures and resources which are essential in minimising accidents in the workplace. It must also state the duties and responsibilities of key personnel and employees in mitigating safety and health hazards and risks.

Preparing and implementing a Safety Statement will not just safeguard employees and visitors but also employers. Accidents and illnesses can have an enormous impact on businesses. These can significantly lessen productivity and lead to financial losses. 

The Safety Statement should be made available to all employees. It also needs to be updated to reflect or take into consideration changes in the workplace and processes.

Working With iSafe Consulting for Your Safety Statement

According to the law, the Safety Statement should be based on a risk assessment of the workplace and work practices. 

Here at iSafe Consulting, we have consultants who are experienced in identifying hazards and assessing risks in all types of work environments. 

Unlike some companies that develop a Safety Statement just by talking to their clients on the phone, iSafe’s consultants visit the workplace and observe work practices. Doing this enables us to conduct an extensive audit of the workplace, work equipment, work processes and employees. 

With our thorough risk assessment process and expert consultants, you can trust us to develop a Safety Statement that truly suits your organisation’s needs – one that is specific to your location/workplace, work activities and work safety procedures.

Do you need a Safety Statement for your company? Let our expert consultants help you! Call us on +35385 124 5555 or +35342 941 9900 today to learn more about our services!

My experience in working with iSafe was very much a positive one. Their professionalism was refreshing and I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again. They excel in finding the right systems of work that reduce our risks to an acceptable level . They also value the customer’s relationship with their clients, and that is reflected in the professionalism of their interactions. The bottom line is that they make the management of health and safety for our business a much more compliant and efficient one.

Robo Wash Health & Safety
Ronan Cassidy
Operations Manager, Robowash