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Forklift Courses

The use of forklift trucks is common in various workplaces, particularly in industries such as manufacturing, warehousing and storage. These vehicles help workers complete tasks quicker and more efficiently.

However, these seemingly harmless lift trucks are very dangerous. They are noted to cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries. In fact, forklift-related accidents have claimed several lives in Ireland.

Accidents involving these huge trucks include being struck by the moving vehicle, being hit by a load falling from the truck and falling from a height. The most common type of injury caused by these accidents is crush and foot injuries.

Due to the hazards related with forklift trucks, the Health & Safety Authority (HSA) has made it mandatory for personnel operating these vehicles to undergo training. 

iSafe’s Forklift courses are designed to provide participants with the proper training needed to safely operate this type of truck. The aim of this course is to minimise workplace accidents, injuries and product damages associated with mishandling of forklifts. 

The courses we offer are:

  • Forklift Training – Beginner
  • Forklift Training – Experienced
  • Forklift Training – Refresher

Forklift Courses

Our courses are open to all types of operators, be they novice or experienced in driving forklifts. It is also for those who wish to receive formal certification or those who want to be recertified. 

At the end of the course, the participants should:

  • Know, understand and be able to comply with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act of 1989
  • Learn the different types of forklifts
  • Know and understand the vehicle controls
  • Be able to properly inspect a forklift before use 
  • Be able to properly operate a forklift safely by improving their skills and techniques
  • Know how to properly load, unload, stack and de-stack using the forklift
  • Be able to prevent forklift accidents 
  • Be able to avoid damaging goods

We accept between 2 and 3 participants per class depending on experience.

The length of time for training depends solely on operator experience.

All participants need to take a written and a practical test at the end of the course.

Participants are going to receive an Irish Institute of Purchasing and Material Management IIPMM Cert which is valid for 3 years.

Are you looking for a Forklift training course that adheres to HSA standards? Choose iSafe’s programmes!

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