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Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, (General Application) Regulations 2007, employers are mandated by law to provide manual handling training to their staff. This is to minimise workplace injuries associated with handling or lifting objects. 

iSafe’s Manual Handling course adheres to the standards set by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), covering all topics in the “Guide on the Manual Handling Training System – 2010”.

This course teaches employees the proper techniques for lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying heavy loads. It arms them with the knowledge and skills they need to perform manual handling tasks the right way in order to minimise or eliminate injuries.

In accordance with the training guidance set by the HSA, this programme is handled by a QQI Level 6 Manual Handling instructor.

Manual Handling Course

This course is for all employees who undertake manual handling tasks in their workplace.

At the end of the course, the participants should:

  • Be able to define what manual handling is
  • Know the different manual handling regulations in Ireland
  • Know how tasks like lifting, pushing and pulling affects the human body, especially the back
  • Be able to identify hazards associated with manual handling 
  • Be able to conduct a risk assessment of tasks involving transporting, handling or supporting stuff
  • Be able identify handling aids present in the workplace
  • Know and practise the appropriate lifting, pushing or pulling techniques

We accept up to 15 participants per class.

This course takes 4 hours to complete

All participants need to take a written and a practical test at the end of the course.

After successfully completing this training course and passing the assessments, the participants are going to receive an iSafe Certificate on Manual Handling which is valid for 3 years.

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