Return to work during / after COVID-19 – eLearning


General Overview

This Returning to Work course helps employees transition back to work in light of COVID-19; whether they have been working from home for an extended period or after being furloughed. It covers things that can be considered before returning, and it also looks at what you can expect on their first few days and weeks back at work.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how you can safely and smoothly return to work
  • Learn about what can be done before and after the return to work
  • Understand the importance of thoughtful planning, organisation, and preparation upon returning to work

Course Outline

Section 1. Risk Assessment, Policies & Procedures

  • Your first concern may be – is it safe to go back? Well, employers have a duty of care to their employees, to not put them in harm’s way, so they will have done a risk assessment to ensure your safety. A risk assessment requires your employer to look at the hazards you may face and make sure controls are put in place to bring any risk of harm to as low a level as possible.

Section 2. Adapting to change

  • Everyone’s circumstances and experiences differ, but it’s likely that going back to work will cause a mixture of both positive and negative emotions. The thought of returning may feel overwhelming. You may be looking forward to getting back to doing your job and excited about seeing your work colleagues again, but you may be concerned about what it’s going to be like when you go back or be worried that you won’t be able to cope

Section 3. SMART GOALS 

  • Some people may feel a lack of confidence or motivation when it comes to returning to work, and this isn’t unusual. Even though the workplace is somewhere we know well, after we’ve been away from it for a while, it sort of becomes the ‘unknown’. You may wonder how different it will feel being back, or you may worry that you won’t be as competent as you used to be. Setting SMART goals will help us transition back in the most efficient way possible.

Section 4. Returning to work and before you go back

  • You may be doing this course in preparation for going back to work, so before we look at your first day back and beyond, we will take a quick look at things you can do to prepare for your return.


Course Duration is approx. 40 mins

Examination is a 10 question multiple choice test

iSafe Consulting Certificate awarded to participants upon successful completion of the course

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